“COEXIST: Unless you are an a-hole!”

I was in California last month and on a Friday afternoon I went to a high school graduation party at my niece’s friends house.  It was just a few blocks away where I was staying so I decided to walk to the party.  When I arrived outside the home there was a car parked there that had a bumper sticker that said in big letters “COEXIST” on the bumper.  If you haven’t seen this before each letter of the word is shaped in such... Read More

Robert, the satanist

Earlier this year I had the interesting experience of witnessing to a satanist named Robert on my youtube channel.  This debate lasted for almost three days. What I found fascinating about our conversation is he was very polite and straightforward.  He asked a lot of questions and seemed to be interested in the answers.  He didn’t call me names or get angry, although he told me he was tempted to at one point, but he restrained himself. One... Read More

“Jesus died on the Cross Now I Have to be Good Enough”

Tonight we were at the Lee’s Summit Festival, six blocks of live entertainment, food vendors, a car show, carnival, kids fitness games, BBQ contests and more.  Tens of thousands attend and its a great opportunity to speak to people about the things of eternity. I was handing out million dollar bill gospel tracts at one of the barriers when a young man of 18 named Kyle grabbed one. “What is this?” he said. I replied, “Its a... Read More

“Everyone has Psychic Ability” ?

Recently on our youtube channel I began talking with a pagan who believes “Everyone has psychic ability.”  She believes this ability is something people show when they have Deja Vu or when you think of someone calling you and they do.  In order to bolster her case she told me there is a technique the military developed for anyone to use their psychic power, its called Remote Viewing.  Since the military developed this method to train... Read More

“What about the Gospel of Judas?”

Last September I witnessed at the Blue Springs Festival which is held every year.  A fall festival of food, carnival rides and lots of opportunities to speak with people about eternity.  While I was there I had a long conversation with a young man named Chris.  He worked at one of the booths.  He seemed open about talking about the things of God so we had a long conversation. One thing he kept bringing up was the Gospel of Judas.  He wanted to... Read More

Adrian Rogers is a False Teacher?

A few months ago I was “witnessed” to by a Calvinist on our youtube channel.  He watched a video I uploaded entitled “Predestined for Hell?  Absolutely Not!” by Adrian Rogers.  He proceeded to tell me that Adrian Rogers preaches an “Arminian false gospel of free-will” and therefore he preaches a “false Christ” and “false god.” This Calvinist then accused ME from the start of being an Arminian... Read More

“Eternal Hell Should Be Temporary”

One day I was talking to a young 17 year-old male about eternity.  He said, “Eternal hell is Cruel!  I have friends who haven’t grown up in a Christian home so how could God send them to eternal hell?  They didn’t get the opportunities I did to learn about the truth growing up!  I think hell should be temporary.” I said, “Is it ok for a convicted criminal to go to jail for the rest of his life?”  He said, “Yes.” ... Read More

Witnessing to a 33rd Degree Freemason

Key West is an interesting place to witness.  Scores of tourists flock to the tiny island each winter to escape the northern cold, or perhaps escape the confines of more conservative communities.  It’s definitely a place where nearly anything goes.  After a night of interesting conversations with partiers along Duvall Street, I continued witnessing the next day among crowds of shoppers.  Sadly, when late afternoon came it was time to head... Read More

The Tailgating “Born Again”

A few weeks ago I decided to go witnessing during a University of Utah tailgate party across the street from the Rice-Eccles stadium. It was actually my first experience with tailgating.  Walking into the massive party by myself, with tracts and materials in hand, I struck up several conversations with various people and groups. I must say the heavy drinking threw me back to my college days. Not only had I forgotten what that atmosphere was like,... Read More

“My Dad hates God”

A few months ago I ran into one of my ex-witnessing partners at Costco.  We talked for over an hour.  At one point the topic of the lost and Calvinism came up… because I brought up the subject of course.  I asked him if he was still a Calvinist, and he said he was. The last time I spoke with him his father was not a believer.  I asked him, “Is your dad still an unbeliever?” He said “Yes.” I asked, “Why?”  He... Read More

“I’ve been told the Book of Mormon is true”

I was handing out gospel tracts at the Santa-Cali-Gon festival last Friday evening when a 16 year old girl named Kelsey handed me a tract about the Book of Mormon.  The tract said the Book of Mormon was God’s word, more reliable than the bible itself. I asked her “Why do you believe in the book of Mormon?”  She said, “I’ve been told the Book of Mormon is true.” “Who told you that?” I asked. She said,... Read More

Christ is not God?

I haven’t used my garage keypad code for a while because I forgot the code and didn’t have time to figure out how to reset it.  Finally I decided to call the “garage door people” so they could come out and work their magic.  Since its 2011 I should at least be caught up technologically with the neighbors by getting this working again. When he arrived I thought he looked familiar.  “Have you been here before?”... Read More

My intention is all that matters?

Recently I was witnessing to someone involved in new age practices who also claims to believe in Jesus.  She commented that intention will sanctify her prayers.  In other words, it doesn’t matter what new age technique I use or who I pray to or how I do it as long as my intentions are pure, God will be honored by it.  She can pray to the universe or the universal one or God or Jesus, it doesn’t matter since she is “sincere.” I... Read More

The Bible doesn’t mention dinosaurs?

My elderly mom has Fibromyalgia and receiving massages is a good way for her to have some pain relief.  About a month ago I arranged to have someone come to the house and do this for her.  Her name is Donna.  She has been coming for about three weeks. She came over today and what started out as a normal conversation ended up as an opportunity to share the truth with her about the Lord. We were talking about science and at one point she remarked,... Read More

A Boy on a Bike

Saturday night, a few of us from the Save the Perishing group were outside the Sprint Center handing out Million Dollar Bill gospel tracts to those entering the Miley Cyrus concert.  Lots of moms and dads with daughters were entering the arena.  Most were happy to take a tract.  As we were passing out tracts, I noticed a boy on a bike.  He was out of place in this crowd.  What was a boy doing riding his bike at night in downtown Kansas... Read More


I met Ed at the bus stop in Kansas City when the Save the Perishing group was witnessing one Saturday in July.  He was obviously homeless, probably about 40 years old.  I gave him a million dollar bill gospel tract and walked him through the good person test.  After sharing the Gospel with him, he seemed pretty downhearted, even angry.  He had convinced himself that he didn’t need God.  He didn’t want God to pay his punishment... Read More