Robert, the satanist

Earlier this year I had the interesting experience of witnessing to a satanist named Robert on my youtube channel.  This debate lasted for almost three days. What I found fascinating about our conversation is he was very polite and straightforward.  He asked a lot of questions and seemed to be interested in the answers.  He didn’t call me names or get angry, although he told me he was tempted to at one point, but he restrained himself. One... Read More

120 Contradictions from Calvinists

Why Create This List? I’ve compiled this list of contradictions and double-speak from the experiences I have had with 5 point Calvinists to show the “doctrines of grace” do not rightly divide the Word of Truth which demonstrates Calvinists don’t have the sound mind God requires of someone who is approved of God (2  Timothy 2:15). I do concede that not everyone who claims this doctrine actually believes it in their hearts and... Read More