“Everyone has Psychic Ability” ?

Recently on our youtube channel I began talking with a pagan who believes “Everyone has psychic ability.”  She believes this ability is something people show when they have Deja Vu or when you think of someone calling you and they do.  In order to bolster her case she told me there is a technique the military developed for anyone to use their psychic power, its called Remote Viewing.  Since the military developed this method to train... Read More

“What about the Gospel of Judas?”

Last September I witnessed at the Blue Springs Festival which is held every year.  A fall festival of food, carnival rides and lots of opportunities to speak with people about eternity.  While I was there I had a long conversation with a young man named Chris.  He worked at one of the booths.  He seemed open about talking about the things of God so we had a long conversation. One thing he kept bringing up was the Gospel of Judas.  He wanted to... Read More

Adrian Rogers is a False Teacher?

A few months ago I was “witnessed” to by a Calvinist on our youtube channel.  He watched a video I uploaded entitled “Predestined for Hell?  Absolutely Not!” by Adrian Rogers.  He proceeded to tell me that Adrian Rogers preaches an “Arminian false gospel of free-will” and therefore he preaches a “false Christ” and “false god.” This Calvinist then accused ME from the start of being an Arminian... Read More

“Eternal Hell Should Be Temporary”

One day I was talking to a young 17 year-old male about eternity.  He said, “Eternal hell is Cruel!  I have friends who haven’t grown up in a Christian home so how could God send them to eternal hell?  They didn’t get the opportunities I did to learn about the truth growing up!  I think hell should be temporary.” I said, “Is it ok for a convicted criminal to go to jail for the rest of his life?”  He said, “Yes.” ... Read More