Evolution and the New Age

During my search for the true God I was involved in the New Age for many years.  I studied various topics and belief systems and noticed a common foundation being taught in all of them.  This foundation is evolution.  The idea that mankind, as a species, has evolved over millions of years.  They say humans are getting stronger, better, and smarter through the evolutionary process.  They say this process includes more than the physical aspects... Read More

The Tailgating “Born Again”

A few weeks ago I decided to go witnessing during a University of Utah tailgate party across the street from the Rice-Eccles stadium. It was actually my first experience with tailgating.  Walking into the massive party by myself, with tracts and materials in hand, I struck up several conversations with various people and groups. I must say the heavy drinking threw me back to my college days. Not only had I forgotten what that atmosphere was like,... Read More