“I’ve been told the Book of Mormon is true”

I was handing out gospel tracts at the Santa-Cali-Gon festival last Friday evening when a 16 year old girl named Kelsey handed me a tract about the Book of Mormon.  The tract said the Book of Mormon was God’s word, more reliable than the bible itself. I asked her “Why do you believe in the book of Mormon?”  She said, “I’ve been told the Book of Mormon is true.” “Who told you that?” I asked. She said,... Read More

Christ is not God?

I haven’t used my garage keypad code for a while because I forgot the code and didn’t have time to figure out how to reset it.  Finally I decided to call the “garage door people” so they could come out and work their magic.  Since its 2011 I should at least be caught up technologically with the neighbors by getting this working again. When he arrived I thought he looked familiar.  “Have you been here before?”... Read More

Witnessing Tips: Mormons

Basics about Mormonism: Taken from http://www.letusreason.org/LDS15.htm On almost all points from the beginning of God and man in the Garden of eden to the after life they have a different view than the Holy Scriptures. They believe man is a spirit creature finding his origin in heaven before coming to earth. That Christ is also in the same class as man as well as the spirit brother of Lucifer, therefore we are all spirit brothers. They teach that... Read More