The Withering Flower – The Fad of TULIP Theology 7

5. Perseverance of the Saints is another deception. Most people think it is Eternal Security, but, that just isn’t the case. As I stated before, because 5 point Calvinists believe that God shows His irresistible grace to totally depraved people whom He has unconditionally elected before time, Calvinists have no choice but to believe that it is impossible for a genuinely-saved person to forfeit his salvation. This is what the Calvinistic doctrine... Read More

Christ is not God?

I haven’t used my garage keypad code for a while because I forgot the code and didn’t have time to figure out how to reset it.  Finally I decided to call the “garage door people” so they could come out and work their magic.  Since its 2011 I should at least be caught up technologically with the neighbors by getting this working again. When he arrived I thought he looked familiar.  “Have you been here before?”... Read More

My intention is all that matters?

Recently I was witnessing to someone involved in new age practices who also claims to believe in Jesus.  She commented that intention will sanctify her prayers.  In other words, it doesn’t matter what new age technique I use or who I pray to or how I do it as long as my intentions are pure, God will be honored by it.  She can pray to the universe or the universal one or God or Jesus, it doesn’t matter since she is “sincere.” I... Read More