A Boy on a Bike

Saturday night, a few of us from the Save the Perishing group were outside the Sprint Center handing out Million Dollar Bill gospel tracts to those entering the Miley Cyrus concert.  Lots of moms and dads with daughters were entering the arena.  Most were happy to take a tract.  As we were passing out tracts, I noticed a boy on a bike.  He was out of place in this crowd.  What was a boy doing riding his bike at night in downtown Kansas... Read More


I met Ed at the bus stop in Kansas City when the Save the Perishing group was witnessing one Saturday in July.  He was obviously homeless, probably about 40 years old.  I gave him a million dollar bill gospel tract and walked him through the good person test.  After sharing the Gospel with him, he seemed pretty downhearted, even angry.  He had convinced himself that he didn’t need God.  He didn’t want God to pay his punishment... Read More