Is Holistic Medicine Holy?

Holistic medicine deals with the entire person, mind-body-spirit, to achieve wellness. Holistic techniques for healing is becoming widespread in America due to the New Age movement and the need to seek new solutions for health problems. States of consciousness, visualization, positive thinking, stress-reduction, forms of meditation, bio-feedback, and Yoga are some of the approaches now widely used. Before we continue I want to emphasize that there... Read More

The Bible doesn’t mention dinosaurs?

My elderly mom has Fibromyalgia and receiving massages is a good way for her to have some pain relief.  About a month ago I arranged to have someone come to the house and do this for her.  Her name is Donna.  She has been coming for about three weeks. She came over today and what started out as a normal conversation ended up as an opportunity to share the truth with her about the Lord. We were talking about science and at one point she remarked,... Read More

Calvinist Critiques of Mark Cahill; Calvinism Weighed and Found Wanting

By: Brenda Nickel Recently, Calvinist bloggers have been less than charitable to their one time friend in evangelism, Mark Cahill.  Having thoroughly embraced the belief system of Calvinism, and feeling strong obligation to defend its understanding of God and the gospel, these men put out an ‘all points bulletin’ throughout the blogosphere warning of disagreement among the brethren. Completely offended that someone could possibly disagree... Read More