“My Daughter Can Heal”

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One day I was at the bank and had to sit down with a representative to talk about my account, her name was Janet.  While we were sitting there she was looking something up on her computer.  During a long pause I asked her how long she had been working at the bank.  She smiled and said “About 2 years now.”

my_daughter_can_heal_post_image1I asked her what she did before working at the bank and she told me she used to run a business with her husband.  She said they would do remodeling for hotels and one of her clients was a hotel downtown called the President hotel, which she said is haunted.  “One day we were working on two floors and I heard voices and footsteps coming from inside the room but no one was there.  We also heard doors closing and opening by themselves.  My husband also heard them but no one else was on the floor since we were remodeling the whole floor.  It freaked us out!” she said.

“What do you think ghosts are?” I asked.

She replied, “I’m not sure.”

“Are you a Christian?” I said.

“Yes.  I go to a Methodist church with my 12 year-old daughter.”

I said, “Do you believe what the bible says?”  She said she did.  So I explained to her that if she believes in the Bible there is no such thing as spirits of the dead floating around the astral plane.  Why would people be doing that?  What about the judgement of God?

She thought for a second and then said “Yeah thats true.  But what are they then?”

“Do you believe angels exist?”  She said she did.  “What about demons?  Demons are angels too.”  From the look on her face she hadn’t really thought about that.  “Yes I guess so.”

I continued, “Demons can appear in any form and they do to many different people all over the world.  They have a purpose which is to lead people away from the truth of God.  What they say and do identifies who they are. In the case of hauntings they try to convince people there is no spiritual death in hell and no judgement from God and therefore, no need for a savior.

Janet paused for a few seconds and said, “Strange things have been happening with my daughter.  My daughter can heal.  One time I had the flu with a bad headache and stomach ache.  She put her hands over my head and, without touching me, ran her hands from my head down my body and I wasn’t sick anymore!  I could feel the healing energy flowing through my daughters hands.”

I asked, “Has she done that before?”

Se replied, “No, that was the first time.  She told me she can feel a presence around her in her room and in the house.   She has my_daughter_can_heal_post_image2dreams about animals and spirits.  One time we went to a Christian psychic.  We didn’t tell the psychic about what was going on and she told us exactly what my daughter was experiencing.  The psychic also said my daughter has a spirit animal watching over her, a black panther.”

I asked her if the “Christian psychic” thought any of this was demonic and she replied, “No, the psychic thought it was great she was having these experiences because it was growing her spiritually and making her feel confident.”

I thought to myself, “This sounds too coincidental!”

“What does your daughter believe about the afterlife?” I asked.

“She is leaning towards reincarnation.” Janet replied.

I asked Janet, “What do you think of all this?”  She said it seemed like a positive experience for her daughter so she didn’t think it was “bad.”  She paused for a moment and said, “My daughter is learning new things and she is excited about it.  A demon wouldn’t give positive experiences.”

I continued, “There is no such thing as a Christian Psychic.  The words “Christian” and “Psychic” are diametrically opposed to one another.  In the Bible in the book of Acts Chapter 16 verses 16-19 describes a slave girl that the owners were making money from because she was a fortune teller (Psychic).  The Apostle Paul was being bothered by this slave girl for days until he finally told the demon that was in the girl to leave.  After that the slave girl couldn’t do fortunes anymore…because the power wasn’t coming from her…it was coming from the demon inside her.  I’m not saying your daughter is possessed necessarily but I am saying she is experiencing forces beyond her abilities.  Forces that want to deceive her and destroy her and your family.”

I told her while the experiences she had with the “Christian psychic” were impressive, both her and her daughter, are being led away from the truth. “Your daughter is already being led away from the truth of God.  Reincarnation, a black panther spirit watching over her, healing powers and involvement in a “Christian Psychic”.  Its not good.  In fact, what seems to be going on here is she is being groomed by the spirits to be a Shaman, and they usually start with an impressionable young person.  Shaman’s believe in reincarnation, animal spirits and they heal the sick, the things your daughter is experiencing. The animal spirits, just like demons, possess the Shaman to perform healings.  The power is coming from the spirit, not the person. I don’t think all of this is a coincidence.  Furthermore, I don’t think its a coincidence we are talking about this because I wrote an article on Shamanism you should read that may help!  I will get you a copy of the article so you can read it.””

She thanked me and as I left the bank I was amazed at how the Lord had set this meeting up.  Please pray for her daughter that she will believe the TRUTH about who God is rather than these experiences.

  1. d taylor says:

    you stated in your post {“Do you believe angels exist?” She said she did. “What about demons? Demons are angels too.” From the look on her face she hadn’t really thought about that. “Yes I guess so.”}

    demons are not angels, but the disembodied soul/spirits of the nephilim form the flood in Genesis.
    That is why when demons when cast out seek dry places (Luke 11:24) for their fear of water.

  2. Christian says:

    What? Where do you come up with that? Scripture states that demons are the angels who joined Lucifer’s insurrection and were cast out of Heaven with him. Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28, Revelations 12.

  3. admin says:

    >Scripture states that demons are the angels who joined Lucifer’s insurrection and were cast out of Heaven with him. Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28, Revelations 12.

    I agree but those used to be angels before they joined Lucifer.

  4. admin says:

    >demons are not angels, but the disembodied soul/spirits of the nephilim form the flood in Genesis.

    When someone channels a spirit such as a medium what is it?

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