Witnessing Tips: Mormons

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Basics about Mormonism:

Taken from http://www.letusreason.org/LDS15.htm

On almost all points from the beginning of God and man in the Garden of eden to the after life they have a different view than the Holy Scriptures. They believe man is a spirit creature finding his origin in heaven before coming to earth. That Christ is also in the same class as man as well as the spirit brother of Lucifer, therefore we are all spirit brothers. They teach that we incarnate on earth to be offered a way to exaltation where we can become a God on our own planet. We then can have many wives who will birth numerous spirit children and repeat the process as all other Gods did before us.

Mormonism teaches God was first a mortal man He lived on a planet like our own and became exalted becoming a God. That God has a body just as we do. Christ is not the one God, but just one of the many exalted children of Elohim. The Trinity is made up of three main Gods with many more as well.

They also teach that there are as many Gods as there are stars and that we can become a God by obedience to the Mormon gospel. Salvation is by baptism as the gate, and then the numerous commands which includes tithing. If one does not repent in this life they have another chance in the afterlife as they are visited by spirit missionaries who will teach them the gospel. But first they are baptized by proxy (another takes their place) in the temple to have them prepared to hear it.

Jesus was conceived as Mary was visited by God the father who had sex with her and had the offspring Jesus. Jesus then was married at Cana and had many wives as a polygamist. Jesus also had many children and they believe Joseph Smith their founder is a descendant of Jesus.

The have 12 apostles in their church structure and the president of the Church is a living prophet that can speak new Scripture. So the bible continues to be made.

Mormons believe they are the only true and restored Church on earth, although lately they have opted for a softer view, it is for the purpose of making inroads into Christian Church to draw people out.

They do not believe the bible was translated correctly and so the book of Mormon was necessary to explain and teach the many things missing and corrupted. Without this translation by Joseph smith their prophet they believe the gospel would have been completely lost.

Some things to remember:

1.       It is imperative that you not get sucked into an emotionally charged discussion.

2.       Always give the truth in love.

3.       Most Mormons do not know what their own doctrines teach.

4.       Quote from the KJV. This is the version they use. It gives you more credibility.

5.       Stay on track. It is very easy to be distracted from the issue at hand, THEIR SALVATION!

6.       Try to control the conversation.

7.       Define your terms. Mormons use the same terminology but have different definitions.

Pray, pray, pray.  We are called to pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17). Pray that God would give you the words to speak and give you the spirit of love that is needed when talking to any person about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pray that God will overwhelm your Mormon friend with conviction; give him/her ears to hear, and eyes to see.

Take your time and be patient.  Do not try to cover too much in one sitting.  They tend to get defensive the more you say that they are wrong.

Take the time to study.  While there is no need to try to know everything about Mormon beliefs, it can only help if you know some of the basics. Even more, you must spend much time studying the Bible so you may be able to give an answer to the false teachings of Mormonism.

Be steadfast.  Never give up. Remember, this is about his/her salvation.

  1. Usagi says:

    I am curious where you found Mormons that believe this?

    I have several friends who are Mormon. They had never heard of these teachings.

    I have read the book of Mormon, and it does not contain any of these teachings, either.

    Not Mormon, and I do think they have their doctrinal deficiencies, to be sure. But I’m not sure if this is accurate of Mormonism in general, or if it simply the thinking of a sect.

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