Profile: I grew up Atheist, being taught evolution in the Public School System. I never really went to church and the only time I ever heard my family mention the name of God, it was in blasphemy. I had the typical stereotypes about Christians. They were goodie-two-shoe, hymn-singing, can't-have-any-fun, party-poopers. That was until November of 1998. I had moved to Oklahoma City and was looking for a job. I lived the typical life of a street thug, fighting, drugs, music, you name it, anything that had to do with the hip-hop culture, I was there. With that said, I was looking for a rap radio station, so I started flipping through the channels. I came across a pretty nice beat so I parked it there. That was until I heard Jesus this and Jesus that and not being used as blasphemy. At that moment, the Lord started to work on my heart. It seemed everywhere I turned it was something about Him. Finally, for some odd reason we turned the TV on to some preacher giving a clear gospel message. At that moment I realized that I had offended God and I was a sinner condemned to burn in hell. I then repented of all I was doing and had done and placed everything I had in Him. Oh, Amazing Grace, that saved a wretch like me! That night the Lord very graciously opened my eyes to the world around me. At that moment all I could do is rejoice! The greatest feeling in the world is to have that burden of sin and condemnation lifted from your back. What liberation. I then proceeded to get rid of everything in my life that was wrong. My music was the first thing. Then, separation from my roommates (All I could do is talk about Christ, that didn't sit to well with them). Then the conviction of living with my girlfriend out of wedlock. We were soon after married (And by God's Grace she still puts up with me!). Then was the alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. Now my hearts desire is to serve Him and bring Him glory! How can you not when you are delivered from such bondage! God is still whipping me into shape (Praise God!) and conforming me into His image. Now, I have the honor and privilege to share with others His great mercies! My prayer is that you will think on these things. Today is the day of salvation. Are you an honest person? Would you consider yourself to be a good person? Compare yourself to His Holy Law, the Ten Commandments. If God judged you by that standard, how would you fair? Have you ever lied, stolen anything, blasphemed? One sin separates you from Him. You can't repair it. He can though. He paid your fine. He stepped between you and the judge and said, “Judge, I paid His fine.” Since your fine has been paid, all you have to do is accept it. Repent, turn from your sin and place all you have on Him. He requires everything. Please, consider Him today.

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