The Repercussions of the god of the Calvinist

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Chapter III in the Westminster Catechism, titled, “Of God’s Eternal Decree” states,

I. God from all eternity, did, by the most wise and holy counsel of His own will, freely, and
unchangeable ordain whatsoever comes to pass; yet so, as thereby neither is God the author of sin, or is violence offered to the will of the creatures; nor is the liberty or contingency of second causes taken away, but rather established.

Question: What does the word “ordain” mean? Well, here are a few definitions. To constitute, to render, to make, cause to be, to order, to command, to appoint, to decree, to determine, to enact.

So basically, it means to cause to happen. So, if God ordained all things before hand, here are some things to consider:

1.God ordained the rebellion of the Angels. So it was His good pleasure that He created Satan and his minions to be disobedient to Him, which means He made them sin against Him, and become devils. It also means that they should seduce man so that man would fall and create an entire race of sinful human beings and there is nothing they could do about it! Why? Because God made it happen! He is Sovereign! Think about it. Cain killing his brother, the entire earth becoming wicked, save Noah, then drowned because it was His good pleasure. Noah preaching for a hundred and twenty years without one convert, because God didn’t feel like saving any of the others. The rampant homosexuality of Sodom and Gomorrah. All caused by God. Which would mean that the homosexual is right in saying that they were created gay because God made it happen. So God creates abominations? Murders, rapes, robberies, war, abortion all decreed by God! In the last century alone, between war mixed with atheistic, humanistic ideologies and abortion, almost two billion people have been destroyed all do to the sovereign will of God! Sorry, but that is not the God I serve! He has no pleasure in the death of the wicked and isn’t willing that any should perish, but ALL should come to repentance!

2.All false religions were determined by God. He decided that He needed to deceive people and turn them from the truth because it was true and right, while at the same time, holding them accountable for His deceiving them! WOW! My God is not the author of confusion!

3.Judgment day has already happened. If God has already predetermined who is going to heaven and who is going to hell, then judgment has already been passed. The Judgment Day, namely, the Great White Throne Judgment would be a farce. Instead of judging people according to their works, they are judged by what has already been predetermined by God. If man has no control over what he can and cannot do, then God is a liar for holding men responsible for something that they can’t help but do because He made them do it. They only followed His Will. Why are they being punished for being obedient to Him and His Will? That’s not the God I serve. My God is not the author of sin.

4.It makes His commandments useless. If we are told to do something by God, yet He has determined how you will respond (whether you obey or disobey His command), and yet rewards or disciplines you according to the outcome He has foreordained, what’s the use? Why command something to be done if you can’t respond anyway? How can you then be held accountable for your sin? This is the greatest of all the contradictions of Calvinism. They say that the Bible teaches human responsibility and predestination (In the Calvinistic sense). How can man be responsible if God forced you to do it? He created it to happen that way! Then, they will call you Hyper-Calvinist if you deny human responsibility. They are not hyper, but true, consistent, Calvinists! They realize what they are forced to believe by buying into this distortion of the Truth of God and His Character! This is not the God I serve. My God holds me responsible because I freely obey or disobey Him.

5.It makes His promises and threatenings useless. Promises are intended to encourage the fainthearted, meek, and lowly. These are not just some pointless babbling, but firm and never failing words of God. Yet, they are conditional. Yes, there are a few unconditional ones, but for the most part they are conditional. With His threatenings it is the same. He warns us not to do or to do certain things or there are consequences. What is the point if He is the One who makes us do all things? My God forces me to do nothing. He commands me to do certain things, but I can willingly obey or disobey Him, bringing either reward or wrath upon my own head.

6.Prayer is useless. What is the point in praying if all things have already been determined? Will God change what He has already determined to answer one of my prayers? He can’t according to Calvinism. This is not my god. My God hears my prayers and works all things together for my good.

7.Sin is needless. If before sin ever even existed, I was condemned to hell, why have a moral standard to judge me by? Sin would not be willful disobedience, but a mere part of His preordained plan. So He doesn’t pour His wrath out on me because I sinned against Him, but because of His own good pleasure. I was guilty before proven so. I was condemned before the word sin ever existed. Aborted non-elect babies who have never had a chance to even sin against God are burning in hell. Everything is just going on how He wants it to. Everybody doing what is appointed for them to do. Sodomites, murders, drunkards, blasphemers, pedophiles, you name it, all walking in obedience to what God appointed them to do. Let me ask a personal question: If God had appointed for your daughter to be raped, tortured, and killed by some man or group of men, would you give God the glory He rightfully deserved for this hideous act? Would you jump for joy at how great and loving your god is? If you are a Calvinist, your god does seek this praise, for the father of all lies is the true god behind this disgusting theology. Not my God. My God’s heart would be broken. He does not will any of this to happen. Oh Lord, how can these people blaspheme Your Name by these doctrines so Satanic and contrary to Your Goodness, Pity, and Love?!?

8.Christ’s death is useless. What is the point of coming and dying for the few lucky ones if the judgment has already happened? God had already determined who He picked for heaven before Christ was born. They would have been saved regardless. Not my Jesus. He came to save all men, giving them an opportunity to be saved.

9.The Gospel and Evangelism is useless. If God has already saved who He will before the world began, why even have a gospel or evangelism? What’s the point? They are already saved anyway. Can His will be detoured? Although He did not need the Gospel to save anyone, my God uses this as the means for us humans to be actively involved in His plan. He commands us to preach the gospel to all men and we will give an account for our faithfulness to Him. His plan has been established in Romans 10. No man can come to Christ unless he first hears the Gospel. My God is not willing any should perish, but all come to the knowledge of the truth.

10.No such thing as good and evil. If God is good, and can only do good, and at the same time predestined all things to happen, then no one can go outside of what He wants them to do. If they sin, it is in obedience to Him, which is good. Every single person that has ever lived and will live can do nothing but walk in obedience to His Will. This means that everyone has obeyed him and no one has ever disobeyed whatever He has made to come to pass. Sin would not be sin if they were doing what He created them to do. Not my God. My God is good. The opposite of my God is evil, therefore He cannot do evil!

11.It contradicts the Word of God. The Word of God would be wrong when Peter said that the devil is seeking to devour Christians. How can that be? Why watch for him or even worry about him if whatever happens was already determined by God? It ultimately would not be Satan doing anything, but the hand of God doing all things that come to pass! Again, wrong God!

12.It goes against the conscience. I have been told by some Calvinists that accepting these doctrines are sometimes a hard pill to swallow. I would agree, until you have so seared your conscience that you no longer know the difference between the truth of God’s Word and a lie! My God does not sear your conscience!

13.It goes against common sense. Let’s say that our government creates legislation that is passed that makes laws to be obeyed and then rewards the obedient and punishes the disobedient. At the same time, by some secret way of the leaders, that the ordain it to be that some should be made to obey and the rest made to be unruly and disobedient because they do not have the ability to do otherwise. Now the government could give this ability, but, chooses not to. Let’s say the punishment is to be burned at the stake. They are punished because they could not do anything other than be disobedient. Now, let’s say that there is a population of 500,000,000 people. Out of those 500,000,000, only 10% were given they ability to be obedient. That would mean that 450,000,000 would be burnt at the stake. Does this not shock all common sense, conscience, truth, and justice? These poor wretches never even had a chance and now they are being lead to the slaughter because it was so ordained by the government! I believe there once was a government that mirror this, sometime in the 1930′s and 40′s in Germany. The same in Russia. Mass murder of millions! Not only this, but the government tells you that you were responsible for your own unruliness and disobedience although you had no ability to do the contrary. When asked how this could be possible, the government and those 10% who were spared just scream, “Sovereignty, the government is sovereign!” and “Our government is not the author of this sin. Our government is good and their ways are not our ways! Who are you to reply against the government oh man?” Do you see the parallels? Can you see this god of Calvin on Judgment Day! “Go, you cursed ones, into the everlasting fire. Why, what for? Because I said so. I was hungry and I didn’t give you the ability to feed me. I was thirsty, and decided to withhold the ability for you to give me drink!” Then they say, “Lord, we walked in obedience to you decrees, for we could not do otherwise. Have we not then fulfilled Your pleasure by doing your will?” These are undeniable arguments that would stop the mouth of the judge. How horrid is this to even give it thought and yet this is what this satanic system holds to! I do not serve their god. My God is fair and just. He holds us accountable for our decision of receiving or rejecting His Son and we are born with the ability to do so!

14.Conviction is pointless. Why would the Holy Spirit convict someone of sin, trying to convince them of their need for the Savior when the Father has already decided ones fate? Are they at opposition to one another? Within the TRI-Unity? Are they not on the same page?

15.Human Responsibility is a farce. How is it possible to believe that humans are responsible for their actions when they have already been determined? This is where the Calvinist screams, “DIVINE MYSTERY! GOD IS GOOD! GOD IS SOVERIEGN! YOU ARE MISREPRESENTING CALVINISM! HAVEN’T YOU READ THE WESTMINSTER CONFESSION? IT SAYS HE HAS DETERMINED ALL THINGS TO COME TO PASS BUT HE IS NOT THE AUTHOR OF SIN! STRAW-MAN!” Exactly. He determined ALL things to come to pass but did not determine sin to come to pass? Then He did not determine ALL things!Love the circular reasoning. I say God is green. The Calvinist says God is blue. I show the Calvinist that if God is blue, such and such would be the consequence. Then he says, “Well, God is red!” Then I show him that if God is red such and such is the consequence. Then he yells, “God is blue!” You’ve gotta love the logic!

In closing, I just want to say that this is not the god I serve. I hate this god. I can’t wait until the day that My God comes back and finishes off this god. My God died for all men. My God loves all men, all the time, unconditionally. My Gospel is the death, burial, and resurrection of my Jesus that willingly laid done His life for ALL men. Not willing that any should perish, but ALL come to repentance. He wants ALL men to come to the knowledge of the truth. My God is not limited in His Sovereignty. He can control all things without having to premeditate and cause everything to happen. My God is not scared to give man the ability to choose. My God, although in control, does not have to control every move you make in order to feel Sovereign. My God loves even the Calvinist, who denies Him. Friend, turn from you god and serve then One True God! Repent of this sin of Calvinism. Believe on the Lord Jesus who loves you! He died for you! Come back to Him, before it is too late!


  1. vimax says:

    I discovered your blog web site on google and check just a few of your early posts. Continue to maintain up the superb operate. I just extra up your RSS feed to my MSN Information Reader. In search of forward to studying more from you later on!

  2. Nathaniel says:

    Seams like to be Calvinism goes against the Hebraic understanding of G-d as well. HaShem gives every one an equal chance for salvation

  3. maggie says:

    Calvinism is filled with error. This is because it is based on men’s writings passed on for generations, starting with augustine, then calvin, then the puritans, then john piper and john macarthur….to name just a few. Many verses in the Bible are ignored while others are taken out of context as proof texts for their system. Once the system is accepted it is very difficult for them to read the Bible without using the filter of calvinism. Their creeds and sermons and books all support their false beliefs. Underlying it all is an attack on the true gospel of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit was sent into the world to convict the world of sin, righteousness and judgment. This one verse refutes the idea that God only wants to call only the ”elect’. Calvinism is a very clever maze that Satan has infiltrated into the church in order to confuse and divide. Unfortunately, it is spreading like wild fire in our day.

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