The Othersiders

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Cartoon Network is trying to reinvent itself by turning to live-action reality shows.  One of them, called “The Othersiders” is “described as a reality adventure series following five friends who explore potentially haunted locations in search of evidence of paranormal activity.”

“These exciting new projects represent the next phase in Cartoon Network’s ambitious, ongoing strategy to reinvent the network and re-energize our youth business overall,” said Stuart Snyder, president and chief operating officer of Turner Broadcasting’s Animation, Young Adults and Kids Media division.

Basically this show is similiar to “Ghosthunters” except the people involved are 13-16 years old.

What bewildered me about all of this is the fact the people on the show are kids.  Its one thing for adults to be stupid, go into a haunted area, and attempt spirit communication.  But when kids are sent to do this, I throw my hands up in the air and say “What are the adults who run this show thinking???”  I  guess they are thinking of making money.

This idea of sending people in to speak with spirits or get the spirits to do something for the cameras is extremely dangerous.  The overwhelming evidence suggests these spirits are demons posing as “spirits of the dead.”

Some people who communicate with spirits get possessed, punched, kicked, grabbed, thrown down or worse.  Sometimes the spirits follow the people home and the events continue.

Communicating with deceiving demonic spirits will only lead one astray from the truth they are trying to conceal with their lies.

Spirit communication has gone on for thousands of years.  The main problem with it is you don’t know who or what you are speaking with.  You cannot see them most of the time. In some cases, an apparition of a person appears that looks like someone who previously died.  When you see “Aunt Jane” in front of you some obvious questions arise, Why is Aunt Jane wearing clothes?  Does her dress have a soul?  What about her shoes?  I know shoes have a “sole” but not a “soul.”

In other words, its obvious you are seeing a projection of “Aunt Jane” because the clothes she used to wear, and are probably still in her closet, do not have a soul.  You are seeing an image that the demon created.  Since demons do not die or sleep, they know what Aunt Jane looks like, what she said, what she sounds like, and other things about her you may know.

The idea is spirits of the dead are walking about because they were murdered in a certain place so they walk around restless repeating their lives over an over again.  This idea goes against the Bible.

1) The Bible says there are two destinations for people, Heaven or Hell.  After death comes judgement, not floating around the astral plane between the two.

2) If you are floating around haunting people then I suppose YOU have control of your eternal destiny since YOU have decided to stick around.  God doesn’t decide where you go based on His standards.  YOU DECIDE.

3) The idea of spirits of the dead moving about is the same lie that satan told eve in the Garden of Eden when he told her “you will not surely die.”.  In other words, if you are floating around then that means there is no death.  But in the Bible there are two types of death, physical and spiritual (hell).

4) Spirit communication is forbidden by God in the Bible because God knows these are not spirits of the dead, but lying demons, waiting to deceive.

The only spirit we are to communicate with is God Himself.  I would urge you to do that instead…otherwise you will be deceived.

The show begins on June 17th.


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