Reincarnated WWII Fighter Pilot?

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Monday June 8th a story came out of a boy who has recurring nighmares about planes and battles from World War II, including his own death in a fighter plane!  This went on for months.  The concerned parents didn’t know what to think or what to do about it.

Grandma heard about this and suggested, “Maybe he is remembering a past life.”  After further  research they concluded their son was reliving the memories of the life of James N. Houston, a navy fighter pilot who died 60 years earlier in battle.

What convinced the parents was the information the boy gave about the incident.  He told them the name of the ship, the name of the man he flew with, the place where he was shot down, describing the way the plane hit from eyewitnesses, he flew a corsair, etc..  The father did years of research to find out if the facts lined up with the boys account.  They did.

The mother wrote a book about it called “Soul Survivor.”  The mother said this research has “enhanced” her belief system.  The Father says “I’m a Christian and this has only reaffirmed my Christian faith.”

Before I start discussing why reincarnation has problems, I want to point out that the Bible has been proven by evidence to be supernatural in nature.  It has historical, archeological, textual, prophetic, and much more evidence to prove this.  If reincarnation is true and it contradicts the bible, then all of this evidence that supports reincarnation must be ignored.  There is far more evidence that the Bible was written by a personal loving God, then the evidence for reincarnation.

There are many problems with reincarnation so for the sake of space and time I will cover only a few of them.  Reincarnation is diametrically opposed to the Bible because it denies the resurrection, the judgement, a loving God, and perpetuates evil.   It denies the resurrection because there is no need for it.  There is no need for a savior to die for my sins and resurrect since the law of Karma will take care of that for me.  Sins are not against GOD but against YOURSELF.

It denies the judgement because ultimately you are the one in control of your eternal destiny, deciding where you will end up in the next life.  Your actions in this life decide where you will go later.   God doesn’t judge you, you judge yourself.  You are a little “god” in control of your eternal destiny.  It doesn’t matter if you lie, steal, cheat, kill, or sin.  If you do these things its because you decided in the past life to experience them.  The idea frees a person to do whatever their sinful hearts wish to do.  Of course  these same people would cry foul for justice if someone murdered their loved ones.  They would want the murderer brought to justice instead of simply saying “This is what they wanted in a past life, its ok.”

It denies a loving God because if you see a begger on the streets of India, where reincarnation is the belief system, you are not supposed to help the begger.  Why help him?  He decided to be a begger in his past life, so if you help him he will have to come back in the next life as a begger.  Don’t interrupt his progression!   God doesn’t help the weak, you must help yourself.

Reincarnation perpetuates evil.   For example, if you are a husband who beats his wife, then in the next life you will be a wife beaten by your husband.  Or if you are a Nazi who killed Jews then in the next life you will be a Jew who is killed by someone.  This is the law of Karma.  This “seems” like justice but it is not.  The God of the Bible judges evil, STOPS it, and ENDS it.  Reincarnation perpetuates evil.

There are some things worth noting about these events:

1) The idea of reincarnation was already in the family because Grandma suggested to the mother the boy might be reliving a past life.

2) The information came in dreams to the boy.

3) The Father considers facts over spiritual truth.  This is what he said in the interview.

4) The mother wrote a book about the experience.

What does all this mean?  This is all a set up.

I have mentioned in previous posts that demons can know information about us because they do not die, or sleep.  In the Bible people have received information by spirits in dreams so this idea is not unheard of.  The demons know the parents are weak Christians, easily swayed.  They also have influence on the grandmother who already believed in reincarnation.

The end result is a TV interview, and a book to influence millions, leading people away from a personal loving God who is willing to forgive them if they would only repent of their sins, trusting in Him and in Him alone for salvation.


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