Give Me Your Eyes

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I’ve been listening to some great Christian music lately.  One song in particular has really been speaking to me.  It’s called “Give Me Your Eyes” by Brandon Heath.  In the song, Heath describes a typical scene, an air traveler landing at an airport.  He goes on to describe the people standing around him, talking about the struggles each are facing.  After lamenting the fact that, although he’s been in places like this with people like these many times, he’s never stopped to really care about them, he asks for something very important.  He asks for God to give him His eyes, His arms, and His heart, so that he could love and care for the people around him like God does.

I think this is a Solomon-esque request that Heath is making.  Of all the things he could ask for, he asks for God’s senses so that he could be the conduit of God’s love for those around him.  The more I listen to this song, the more I’m convicted to change the way I view those around me.  To stop seeing them through my human eyes, and to start trying to see them as God sees them.  To start seeing them as lost, hurting, searching people.  So many around us, people we see and interact with every day, are looking for something.  They are searching for an answer, for comfort, for something to take the pain away.  We as Christians have a duty to show these lost souls that what they are looking for won’t be found in anything here on Earth, but rather in the arms of the loving Savior.  It’s so easy to let our human emotions cloud our vision so that we don’t recognize the hurting souls around us.  What we need to do is ask God to clear away the clouds, and let us see others as He sees them.  Only then can we truly be the instruments of God’s love that He wants us to be.


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