Evolution and the New Age

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During my search for the true God I was involved in the New Age for many years.  I studied various topics and belief systems and noticed a common foundation being taught in all of them.  This foundation is evolution.  The idea that mankind, as a species, has evolved over millions of years.  They say humans are getting stronger, better, and smarter through the evolutionary process.  They say this process includes more than the physical aspects of humanity because evolution also happens culturally, socially and spiritually.  Eventually mankind will evolve so far that we will all become our own gods they say.

What is the first step towards godhood?  Its the realization that we can become a god through enlightenment, knowledge and experience.  We should realize that wars, strife and evil in the world are attributed to what they call the “ego” or to put it simply, selfishness.  If we are to solve these we must “evolve” our global consciousness from the selfish needs of the ego to the loving “Christ consciousness” or the “Christ within.”

This “Christ” they speak of is not the Christ of the bible, but a New Age idea of who Christ is. They say Christ was not God but someone who has “evolved” into an enlightened being through personal experience and training into being the teacher, the Christ.  Our next step in our evolution as a species is to become a “Christ” and to know each one of us is a “god.”

Did you notice the contradiction?

We are supposed to evolve to be like Christ which means we realize we are gods, but they say Christ was not God!  I’m supposed to realize I am a god and not a god at the same time?  And why are they telling me Christ wasn’t God when the bible says He is?  Christ compared Himself to the God who created all things, not “a” god, but “the” God.  If thats not true that means Christ is a liar…which means Christ evolved into being… a liar?  If I lie does that mean I am evolving to become more like the “Christ consciousness” they speak of?

Something is wrong.

Is Physical Evolution belief or science?

Before I continue I should briefly explain that physical evolution is a belief, not science.  Evolution says we all evolved from primordial soup billions of years ago.  Over time all life evolved into what we have today.  Its a process from “goo to you by way of the zoo.”

Science is what you can observe, test and demonstrate.  No one has ever observed a dog reproducing a non-dog or a cat producing a non-cat.  What we see in nature are animals producing “after their own kind” as the bible says.  Cats produce cats, dogs produce dogs.  Having said this we do see micro-variations within species which is scientific and provable.  We see different varieties of dogs for example.  We see dogs of all sizes, shapes and colors, but they are still a dog.  We see salt-water crocodiles and fresh-water crocodiles, but they are still crocodiles.

Why are these minor variations happening?  Because the DNA have all the information in each animal for these variations.  In other words, the DNA already has the code to produce the colors, shapes, and characteristics of the animal.  Why do the same animals have different colors?   Because their DNA already had the code to produce those colors.

Evolution, from one animal to another, doesn’t happen.  No one has ever observed an animal producing another kind of animal.

What about the fossil record?  Does it show any major changes in animals?  No, it does not and evolutionists have admitted this.  In fact there are animals alive today that look exactly like “300 million year old” index fossils they find in the rocks.  This should be a clue that evolution doesn’t happen. Why would a fossil so old look like the living animal?  Because evolution from one animal to another doesn’t happen!

The evolution of life from primordial soup billions of years ago is a belief.  One must “believe” this happened because it cannot be demonstrated scientifically.  Its based on faith.

Who were the first “evolved” beings?

The idea we are evolving into god-hood started with satan at the beginning of creation.  Satan was the first in creation to rebel against the God who created him.  The bible says he wants to be his own god because he was lifted up in pride.  He wants to rule the universe, he wants to ascend above the throne of God and he convinced a third of the angels to join him.  Personal evolution is the road to godhood.

In the book of Genesis Satan told Eve she will become a “god, knowing good and evil” because of the tree of “knowledge.”   This knowledge from the fruit she ate was the starting point to become her own god.

Just as satan communicated with Eve the demonic spirits who follow satan are doing the same today with people all over the world.  For example, Helen Schucman was an atheistic psychologist who kept hearing a voice telling her to dictate a message.  Since she was an atheist she didn’t believe in spirits so she asked a collegue for advice.  The spirit told her to write down what she heard.  So she did, 1200 pages of wisdom from a spirit named “Jesus” entitled “A Course in Miracles.”  Carl Jung received ideas for his theories on psychology and the mind from a spirit guide he called Philemon.  Napoleon Hill the success motivation writer, received his ideas for his books from a school of spiritual entities he called “The Masters.”  There are many hundreds of examples of people who receive philosophies and messages from the spiritual realm.

While this sounds crazy that a human being can communicate with spirits all you have to do is watch one of the paranormal shows on TV and you will see it does occur.  It doesn’t take much to communicate with them.  Demons are willing to impersonate whoever and whatever you are willing to listen to.

The bible also backs this up by saying people will believe “doctrines of demons” from “deceiving spirits.”

1 Timothy 4:1 NKJV
Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons,

The spirits call themselves ascended masters, aliens, the world teacher, Jesus, Buddha, your dead Aunt, whatever, as long as you are willing to listen. One popular spirit in New Age circles in  Ramtha who communicates through a woman named J.Z. Knight.

Here are some sample messages from the spirit and from J.Z. Knight herself: “Its really simple.  First you have to acknowledge that you ARE the great intelligence that lives in you, and your body is an extension of that intelligence…we deserve to know the truth, and those who ask are going to be given everything…going to be given all the sacred knowledge….the journey of awakening is not through a redeemer, but when we realize we are our own redeemers…why don’t we learn to think on our own and find new benefactors for that greatness?  Genius is not that which is mediocrity, is not predictable, is not funded, is not hired.  It is that which can dream beyond the paradigms.  You have the ability to be a genius and did you know that every dream that you dream should never be put aside as imagination, that every dream is the next step in your evolution….I would love someone to stand up and say god doesn’t live outside of you, god is you.”

With great power comes great responsibility

This idea of personal godhood has problems.

What if I wanted to shoot you in the next five minutes?  Is that wrong?  Well it might be wrong for YOU but not for me.   You see, I’m the god of my own universe and I think its ok for me to shoot you.  You are an “inferior” because I am more evolved so shooting you is doing nature, and me, a favor, right?

What if I have more mind control over reality than you do?  What if I force you to love me or hire me for a job or do something you wouldn’t otherwise do?  Do you think thats wrong?  Perhaps by your god-like standards thats wrong but not by my god-like standards.

If evolution is true who makes the rules?  Since everyone is evolving upwards the most powerful god-like beings in the universe make the rules.  The strongest survive, the biggest lion gets the zebra. Might makes right.

The New Age movement teaches we should be like “the Christ”, which is loving, not selfish and hateful.  How are you going to change your behavior when everyday you break God’s commandments?  How many lies have you told in your life?  Have you stolen?  Lusted?  Hated someone in your heart which to God is murder?  Do you see the world’s population getting better morally?  Or is it getting worse?

Christ said He has never sinned once.  So if you want to be like Him you will have to be…perfect.  As soon as you sin once you are done with perfection and done being “a Christ.”

Another problem with personal godhood is it elevates your opinion of yourself, which results in pride.  Since I am “the Christ” and am more evolved than others I should be the channel of wisdom to the masses, so everyone come to me so I can teach you “my wisdom.”

Do you know what pride is?  Pride is an idea about yourself that isn’t true!

Anyone wanting to be their own god is showing rebellion against the God who created them.  Here is what the true God thinks of those who claim to be little gods.

Jeremiah 10:11
11 Thus you shall say to them: “The gods that have not made the heavens and the earth shall perish from the earth and from under these heavens.

We should look up, not within

Someone once said “If you’re looking for truth, don’t look within yourself…you’re the one whose confused!”


The true God doesn’t make mistakes but you as a little god make them everyday.  The true God knows all things including the past, present and future, yet I don’t know what I’m having for breakfast tommorrow.  The true God can create the universe by speaking it into existence from nothing, the molecules line up when He speaks, the mountains rise up, the waves in the sea calm down, the wind stops, what can you do?  Looking at the Weather Channel’s website isn’t the same thing as controlling the weather ya know.

While the idea of looking within for godhood sounds appealing its really … well…stupid.  Its stupid because I will never achieve what the true God is capable of doing.  I’m not all-knowing and all-powerful, I cannot create planets from nothing like God can.  When it rains I need an umbrella, I still need a car to drive myself around and half the time I can’t remember why I walked into a room in the first place.  Oh yeah and I forgot the most obvious problem…  evolution doesn’t happen anyway!  So why would I think I’m “evolving” into an almighty “God?” All it takes is a tornado or hurricane to bring down the structures and technology that men rely on to be like the “gods.”

The only way to become enlightened with godly wisdom is to do what the bible says…have a relationship with the God who created you through faith in the true Jesus Christ and He will reveal truth to you. Humble yourself before Him.  Change your mind about who you are, that you are not a god but in fact a sinner.  The true God requires perfection in thought, word and deed in your entire life.  As soon as you sin once, you are in trouble with the true God.  Since you are just like the rest of us you have sinned and God will hold you accountable for every sin you have committed.  While you deserve God’s judgement God loved you enough to take the punishment mean’t for you. Believe this with all your heart, trust in Him not in yourself and He will save you from hell after you die.

Get to know Him and He will show you great and mighty things…things you cannot receive by looking within.

Jeremiah 33:3
3 Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things , which thou knowest not.


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