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I met Ed at the bus stop in Kansas City when the Save the Perishing group was witnessing one Saturday in July.  He was obviously homeless, probably about 40 years old.  I gave him a million dollar bill gospel tract and walked him through the good person test.  After sharing the Gospel with him, he seemed pretty downhearted, even angry.  He had convinced himself that he didn’t need God.  He didn’t want God to pay his punishment for him.  Ed said that he would pay whatever he owed God.  He didn’t want anything from God.  He didn’t want to accept the free gift.  He had a very hard and stubborn heart towards God.

The Lord prompted me to stay with Ed and ask him about his life, to find out why he was so angry at God.  Ed told me about his failed marriage and a young son living in Florida that he had been prohibited to communicate with.  He said that his son was five years old, and he hadn’t spoken with him in six months.  He just wanted to talk with his son.  I asked him, “If God made a way for you to talk to your son, would you consider accepting His gift of salvation?”  He didn’t answer.  (In my mind and heart I prayed that God would make a way for this man to talk to his son.)

I asked Ed if it would be ok if I tried to get ahold of his son for him.  He looked at me and nodded.  He gave me the phone number of where his son lived in Florida, and I dialed the number.  (Please God, give me the words.)  The grandmother answered, and I said, “Hi.  My name is Francie.  I am a Christian, and I am sitting here with Ed.  He was telling me how much he would like to talk with his son.  Would that be ok?  Could he talk with his son?”  (Please God, let her say yes.)  With no hesitation, the woman on the other end said, “Yes.”  I passed the phone to Ed.  He started talking with his son.  It was a beautiful thing.  They talked for about 10-15 minutes.  (I kept praying the whole time and got the attention of some of my Save the Perishing friends — Elisha and Mary — to pray too.)

At the end of the call, Ed looked at me with tears streaming down his face and thanked me over and over again.  He even asked me what he owed me for the call.  I told him that what just happened was a direct gift from God, that God wants him to be reconciled to his son.  I also went on to reiterate the gospel, that not only does God want him to be reconciled to his earthly son, but also to accept the sacrifice of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, for redemption — to repent and put his full faith in Christ alone for salvation.  We continued to talk about all kinds of things of God.  This time, Ed was receptive to hearing.  I thank God that He orchestrated this encounter, that He made it so that the grandmother was open to allowing Ed to talk to his son and that the son was home at the precise time we called.  God certainly demonstrated His power that day.

A footnote to the story:  When I was back at the same bus stop the next week, I didn’t see Ed, but I did see one of his friends.  I asked his friend where Ed was.  The friend said that Ed was tired of this town and was heading back to Florida.  Praise God!  Please pray that Ed is reconciled to his son and to The Son.  Thanks!!!

  1. John says:

    Obviously, by your twisted logic, you worship your friends because you asked them to pray with you.

  2. admin says:

    Are you sure you commented on the correct post? It sounds like you talking about Catholics. This post doesn’t mention Catholicism.

  3. admin says:

    Oh I see, from your website you are Catholic. Why are you trying to communicate with the dead by praying to them? Thats forbidden by God to ask the dead for anything. Asking people who are alive is a different matter.

  4. admin says:

    “Prayers” are to a “god” in every religion…except for Catholicism?

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